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What's your full name?
DJ James, @itsDJJames (for social media reference)
How old are you?
Twenty year old lucky lad signed to LA Models, with Models 1 in London!
What are you wearing head to toe? 
My outfit is a combination of a Brixton hat, tiger of Sweden cardigan, American Apparel crew neck sweater, Moshin Ali long turtleneck, Unplugged red tartan kilt, Prada bag, American Apparel black socks and a pair of Margiela high top sneakers.
What do you do for fun? 
For fun I like to explore, it's a blessing to be introduced to all these different characters and cultures that you find across the globe, admiring a few of the many beautiful things that that this world has to offer.
What are you up to at the weekend?
This weekend, my girlfriend flies in from Los Angeles, during her winter break to come and spend some time with the family. So I'll be taking her out for dinner along with a few other family outings, maybe I can drag them all out to paintball hahaaa.
How would you define your style?
My style is a mixture of street and classy but it definitely varies.
What was the last song you listened to? 
YG - I'm Good.
Are you in love? 
I love my girlfriend! I don't believe this to be a yes or no answer.
Where did you grow up?
From Spending a couple years in a little village called Chudleigh in Devon, UK to an ongoing 4 years in various parts of Los Angeles. I'll simplify it and say I've been around, I can also say that not all of them have been places I'd like to live or even visit again but all together they've molded the character I am and I'm very thankful for that!
What do you think of London menswear?
London menswear is on the rise, I feel that in due time London menswear would have gained a lot more of the respect that it deserves. Not only is London's menswear overlooked by many of the womenswear followers but I feel like it's also overlooked by other major cities in Europe and in some ways NY too. But watch out, because believe me! LCM is on it's way.
Who's been your favourite show so far?
I don't want to seem biased, as I took part in the show this season. But I was amazed backstage at the KTZ show! KTZ aside, Astrid Andersen or Christopher Shannon. Can't say I've seen all the shows but I've definitely been impressed by those, that's for sure!