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I don't mind. Take me to i-D.co anyway

kedrea, 22, new york

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Where are you from? Queens
What do you do?
I'm a cashier. I do some designing but only for myself.  I like to dress up.
What are you wearing?
The hat is from some boutique.  I don't know the brand. I'm not a brand name person.  All the rest is thrifted. The T shirt is H&M. The cut-offs I did. And a pair of Cons.
What was the last track you listened to on your iPod?
It was some Aidonia.
How would your friends describe you?
[Her friend Joy was stood next to me and said…] Spontaneous! A daredevil. Out-of-the-box[thinker?]. Not afraid to do what a lot of other people would never do.
What is love?
Isn't it an emotion? I don't know. I think I know what it is but I don't know what it is.
Are you in love?
I think I'm in love but I think I'm in denial. I think I've got some learning to do.