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Uju Nwobodoh

i-D heads to Lagos to shoot the cool kids of Nigeria's capital, straight up. 

What are you wearing head to toe?
I'm wearing Iamisgo top, a random pair of shorts that I have and Craig Green shoes.

Where are you from and what do you do?
I'm from eastern part of Nigeria and I'm a model.

What does it feel like to live in the biggest city in Africa?
I guess it feels like every other big city, expect for it's traffic and humid weather.

The city is famous for its traffic, how you do deal with it?
I have mind set to this traffic everyday, and I simply set out two hours earlier than I would originally do.

What’s the most beautiful place in Lagos?
The pldest parts because of the old architecture and colonial houses.

Where is the best place to fall in love in Lagos?
Because the city is a bit chaotic, I guess anywhere that is peaceful can be lovely.

Where are the coolest places to shop?
The coolest place to shop in Lagos right now would be the new concept store called STRANGER.

Where are the best places to hangout in Lagos?
I love to hangout a lot at STRANGER. As well as the boutique they have a mini cafe where they sell amazing coffee and tea.