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Tallulah Rose Haddon

Where are you from?
Camberwell, born and bred. 

What do you do?
Performer, Actress, Artist, Poet, observer.

What’s the best thing about being young and female today?
Depending on lifestyle and economic background, we have more freedom than ever, and vajazzle (joking).

And the worst?
The prevalence of pornography - how it has distorted sex into a staged inaccurate demeaning performance corrosive to human relationships. Also the misunderstanding of male vulnerability and feminity. 

Who are your female idols?
Laura, Wendy, Kate Tempest, Tiger, Boudicca, Minny Jackson, Sophie Scholl, Heidi, Billie Holiday many more.

Finish the sentence: If I were a boy…
I would wear zoot suits with snakeskin brogues and drink white Russians; so many my teeth would turn black. I’d think I was it, but truly be too much of a wimp to be taken seriously. At night I would stretch out on my bed like Sampson in the moonlight playing ‘Blue velvet’ smoke cigarettes and occasionally wear lipstick. Of course my name would be abbreviated, something like ‘Red’ or ‘Rabbit’ and I would play the harmonica with my eyes closed. 

How would you describe your generation?
Desiring desires.

How many hours a day do you spend on social media?
1 or 2.

What is your social media of choice and why?
Facebook if you like being sucked into a black hole, and its good for stalking.