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Lyndsey Lupe

In collaboration with Barbican's Rams Place Fashion Market, i-D casts the coolest girls and guys on London's streets while Olivia Rose shoots them, straight up.

What's your nickname?

What do you do?
Freelance banshee.

Where are you from?
The womb of a majestic creature that resides near the banks of the Mersey.

What’s your summer jam?
Anything that dilates the pupils...

What’s your look?
Somewhere between Tank Girl and an out of work children’s TV presenter in rehab.

What is London to you?
A bi-polar Babylon. A cruel and tempestuous mistress. My home.

What is next for fashion?
Mad Max vibes in time for the apocalypse. Viva la revolution baby.

Lyndsey wears top vintage. Jeans H&M. Boots Doc Martens.