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I don't mind. Take me to i-D.co anyway

jay, 17, london

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What do you do? 
I’m in 6th form at the moment but doing some things on the side. Acting, modelling, music... that kind of thing.
What’s your favourite music? 
I’m quite eclectic, but I like my jazz and my old school hip hop.
We see you’re rocking the NFL jersey. Are you a fan?
I was there the other day when the NFL convention was on. It made me want to go gym, but it was cool.
What's your favourite McDonalds drink?
It's got to be that vanilla milkshake.
Do you like wearing jewellery?
Yeah, but I like to keep things plain and mostly black. I took off my rosary beads just in case they snap while I’m skating.
What's your most prized possesion?
Got to be my skates man.