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aj english

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We stopped off in LA on route to Coachella, to snap some of the stylish boys and girls brightening up Venice beach. It's summer already in California, so grab your sunnies and your beach towel and get yourself over here!

Name: AJ English
What do you do?

I play drums in the band Coming.
Describe yourself…
Hung, strapped, endowed, bulging and blessed.
Where’s your favourite place to hang out in LA?
Scoops ice cream on Heliotrope.
Is LA as glamourous as it looks on TV/ in films?
Absolutely, and that's only the tip of the iceberg!
What do you do at the weekend?
You gotta understand that in Los Angeles the week ended a century ago.
Which is your favourite decade for style?
This one of course! My world is my friends, we inspire each other, from Niko to Kesh to Peggy Noland to THVM there's ill shit going down all around, right now!
Do the streets still make or break trends in LA?
Not sure if by streets you mean the consumer or the artists but the latter sets the trends and the former breaks them best believe that.
What’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you in LA?
When I stormed past cops at a blockaded street downtown during the Occupy LA eviction with a hundred other patriots.