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niki takesh

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We stopped off in LA on route to Coachella, to snap some of the stylish boys and girls brightening up Venice beach. It's summer already in California, so grab your sunnies and your beach towel and get yourself over here!

Name: Niki Takesh
What do you do?
Styling, directing, writing and acting.
Describe yourself… 
I'm funny, lazy, chill, crazy and bored.
When did you first start getting recognised as a fashion icon? 
About three years ago my bff Brooke Candy had a photo blog and got recognition from there.
Where’s your favourite place to hang out in LA?
If not in bed, I love karaoke and billiards spots in Korea Town.
Is LA as glamourous as it looks on TV/in films?
Not at all, I always feel bad for people that come here to visit because there's nothing cute about it. It's only fun if you're from here. I always get sad when I see the star tours buses, I'm like "What are you even looking at?!"
What do you do at the weekend?
I secretly hate going out these days, now that I'm 21 all I want to do is work and smoke weed with the homies, haha!
Which is your favourite decade for style?
Obviously the early 2000s! I just love everything about it.
Where's your favourite place in LA?
Oooh thats hard. I've always loved Melrose in LA as a kid, but it's currently growing into something bigger now. Vivienne Westwood chose it as the location for her first north American store. A lot of cool designers and boutiques are popping up on Melrose. It keeps getting better!
Can the streets in LA still make or break trends?
Meh, I'm not too snobby about a trend breaking or whatever. If anything I think it's funny when Target starts selling shitty versions of a trend!
What’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you on an LA street corner?
I spend most of my time in my car, but I love buying fruit and accessories on street corners. Or being asked how much I cost!

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