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rhodian aka juba

Photographer Savannah Baker hits the streets of Jamaica to capture it's coolest kids. Welcome to Jamrock!

Where are you from?
Boston, Portland

What do you do?
Model for SAINT Models and make juices for Boston Jerk Centre where my little brother sells them.

What's your favourite song at the moment?
Smile Jamaica by Chronixx, and  Modern Day Judas by Jessie Royal.

Best thing about living in Jamaica?
The weather, culture, music and food are so unique that they make a perfect combination to make your life an amazing adventure. 

Are you in Love?
It's complicated.

How would your friends describe you?
My friends would say that I'm a very humbled, emotional person, someone who could be a role model for others.

Shirt Rockers NYC. Ring and sunglasses Versace.