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hugo macgregor

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What do you do?
Showroom and Wholesale visaul Merchandiser

Moving from Dorset to the hip hills of Hoxton, Hugo MacGregor has been working for Paul Smith for two years. A loyal participant in Paul Smith’s devout team of peddlers, Hugo, a recent victim of cycle snatching, can now be seen darting here, there and everywhere on his Specialized bike.

What are you wearing? 
R. Newbold T-shirt, Red Ear jacket, mainline trousers and mainline shoes, all Paul Smith. 
Describe your bike... 
It’s a Specialized Langster Steel with porter bars. It’s new, I had a Sunn but that was stolen. 
Favourite thing about working at Paul Smith
The people. 
Do you remember learning to cycle? 
Yes, in Longleat. My dad let go of me and I careered down a hill into a hedge.