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Tomoka Westwood

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19th March 2014. i-D hits the streets of London with Vivienne Westwood to protest against fracking; the controversial gas extraction process"We're not being told the whole truth about fracking in the UK when we are told that it's safe," Vivienne tells i-D, leading a march of 180 demonstrators dressed up to reflect our toxic future. "There are threats to our countryside, our water and our health. We are running headlong towards climate change and more fossil fuels is not a solution!" We meet the people behind the march...

Name: Tomoko Westwood
What do you do?
I'm a fashion agent and writer.
What’s the biggest risk of fracking?
We have to discuss first!
What are you doing to help stop fracking?
I'm going to this demonstration!
What are your top tips for environmentally-friendly living?
There are so many things we can do I wouldn't know where to start...