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sidney blackburn

What do you do? 
I co run sidneyandgeorge.com where I'm the stylist, writer and social media man! I also work in retail.
What are you wearing head to toe?
Trainers are Maians sport GTI zebra, jeans are old Topman, t-shirt I brought online from fabrixquare, jacket is the Margiela for H&M, bag is women's Zara! 
What do you do for fun? 
Drink and dance! You can find me either in a pub or bar, nothing fancy! Love spending time with friends and having a natter and dance! 
What are you up to at the weekend? 
This weekend I'm job hunting then possibly seeing Troubadour rose at a pub in borough!
How would you define your style?
I try to emulate the cleanness of Celine but with a 90s grunge element. If I'm in a rush though I just chuck on anything black! 
What was the last song you listened to?
Last song I listened too was a cover of crazy in love by Antony hegarty! Random but it's good!
Are you in love? 
Yes but it's with a city, Hong Kong! If anyone wants to give me a visa I'd love them for ever! 
Where did you grow up?
Up until 2000 I lived in debden, Essex but then moved to North Norfolk until 2012 where I moved back south.
What's it like there?
Having the mixture and juxtaposition of Essex and Norfolk was interesting and fun! One weekend as a young teenager I would either be serving ice creams in a shop I worked in, on the beach or messing about on the country lanes on bikes with my friends! We'd always be planning our move to London or New York to become pals with Alexa Chung and co! The next weekend I would then be down south visiting my dad, having days out exploring London Town in the hustle and bustle! Having the variety of the two places was great as it opens your eyes when your young! 
What do you think of London menswear?
London's menswear is amazing! You can walk along a street where the styling is so diverse and ageless. You'll find a dapper gent, monk straps and pocket square included, walking along side a fella adorned in street wear. More amazingly is that they could be on the opposite side of the age scale and in vice versa of outfits you would initially assume! 
Who's been your favorite show so far? 
This season I only attended the final day as illness and work consumed the first 2, but  I was impressed with A Sauvage, Casely Hayford  and Agi and Sam. I also loved the graphical Glitched prints in Kay Kwok! Watching the Burberry show from their regent street store, I was a little surprised seeing the Dalston market strings vests on offer, I did however all in love with the over sized carpet bags!  All in all, it's great seeing how big LCM is growing, with more and more attention onto it every time!