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model monday

She used to be the girl next door, with long locks and big doe eyes, but now with her jet-black mullet, and newfound air of confidence, she’s just too cool to live next door to you. This is the girl who just walked the catwalk for Louis Vuitton’s spring/summer 14 show, in nothing but a thong, some sparkly body paint, handcuffs and a couple of chains. What would Granny say, indeed?! Speaking of the women in her family, Edie’s younger sister Olympia is also a model, while her mum, architect Sophie Hicks, had her own i-D moment on the cover of The E=mc2 Issue, way back in 1984. Since Mario Testino first shot her for Vogue, VIVA’s prized beauty and Burberry’s go to babe, has stalked the catwalks of fashion giants, from Saint Laurent to Chanel. When she’s not huffing and puffing on her blueberry flavoured E-lite, cackling away to Caitlin Moran, or being Karl Lagerfeld’s bride, Edie’s riding off into the sunset on her favourite horse Dolly.

How were you discovered?
When Lucinda Chambers scouted me for a ‘Young London’ story for British Vogue, Mario Testino shot it and that was that really…
What would you be doing if you weren’t modelling?
Who knows. Maybe doing a masters, maybe working with horses. Your guess is as good as mine!
What’s been your career highlight to date?
Seeing the creative processes of incredible photographers.
What was it like closing Marc Jacobs’ final collection show for Louis Vuitton in just a thong?
It was terrifying. What would Granny say?!
Why did you cut your hair?
Because Steven Meisel asked me to. It was actually kind of a relief because I had wanted to cut it for ages but hadn’t found the right moment. It's much more representative of me now I think. 
Who are your best friends in the fashion industry?
I like Lily McMenamy because she has the same existential crises as I have and she reads good books and she likes to wind people up
Who would your dream interview be?
Maybe Myra Hindley or Ian Brady, because they're almost sub-human I guess. Or someone on death row, because they'd probably be really interesting. 
Who is your favourite writer?
Jeanette Winterson! She's a genius. Also Zola.
Who is the weirdest person you’ve had a crush on?
My swimming teacher when I was 5.
What’s your favourite TV programme?
Come Dine With Me.
Which Mr Men/Little Miss character would you be and why?
Whichever one was the control freak. 
What advice would you give to new models?
Stay in school, kids.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Hopefully with lots of horses.

Tuesday's Tops

tuneful tuesday

3. Youth, Daughter

"because I feel a bit mopey today"

2. I’m your man, Leonard Cohen

"because I feel a bit mopey today"

1. Pencil Skirt, Pulp

"because I feel a bit mopey today"


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