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model monday

Amanda Jean Murphy is 26 years old, signed to IMG and Miuccia Prada main muse; she’s opened for her, walked exclusively for her and is now starring in her Resort campaign, shot by Steven Meisel. Amanda has a horse called Jessie and a fierce right hook (she’s been getting into boxing lately). And forget that model-actress-whatever tag: this one is model-radiologist through and through, still doing four shifts a month, when she’s not walking for Dries, Tom Ford and Lanvin or shooting for British, American and Italian Vogue that is.

How were you discovered?
Open call.
What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling?
I already finished Radiology technologist school and I'd be continuing MRI school. 
What do you do for fun? 
I’m the oldest of four siblings and I am very close with my parents and my brother and sisters. I love spending time with my boyfriend, we both have horses and go on long trail rides together. I have a pitbull/ lab mix called Duke that I rescued, he goes every where with me when I'm at home. I am truly blessed to have a group of friends that I consider family. I enjoy jumping lessons on school horses. I also like kick boxing and enjoy doing any outdoor activity. My boyfriend has a Harley and we enjoy cruising with our friends.
What’s your first thought when you look in the mirror?
That I wish I could sleep in longer. I am not an early morning person. 
Are you still working at the radiology clinic?
Yes, I still work as a float a few times a month. I enjoy it. I think of my co workers as friends. We have excellent customer service ratings, which I'm very proud of!
Has anyone recognised you as the face of Prada when you’ve been manning the radiology machine?
No, they have not.
Are you in love?
Yes, I love my boyfriend Tony. We've been together almost one year! He takes care of my dog Duke and my horse Jesabel when I have to travel with work. I could never leave my babies unless I knew they were in good hands. He went with me to Paris last season too.
What would be your perfect date?
A trail ride with our horses in a field of flowers and butterflies with my dog. I see, think, and breathe clearer out there. It's the best medicine.
What’s the last song you played on your iPod?
Ride, Lana Del Ray.
What was the last text you sent?
I went to an Atoms for Peace concert last night so I was texting my sister and boyfriend plans to meet for it. 
What’s your secret obsession?
I have lots of obsessions, but if I told you they were secrets I'd be lying. Everyone knows that if it involves chocolate it won't last long and if it involves critters I will be there.
Do you like scary films?
Yes, I love Halloween. Carving/painting pumpkins, cider, caramel apples, scary movies, and tons of candy.  However I don't recommend holding the pumpkin carving knife while watching a scary movie. I jumped once and my pumpkin lost a tooth. If I am home, I want to do the monster dash 5k where everyone dresses up in costume for it. Yes, I am a child at heart. 

Tuesday's Tops

tuneful tuesday

3. Sugarland, Stuck Like Glue

"I sang this song in the car with my friend Carol when we both went through a tough break up. It always made us feel better knowing guys don't matter as long as your real friends are there for you."


2. Lana Del Ray, Ride

"Ride reminds me a lot of myself and it sends a strong message - find what makes you feel the most free in life because happiness is the best medicine. For me, it is horses and motorcycles."


1. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Simple Man

"I have a lot of memories connected with this song. Some are really happy and some are really sad. The last time I played it was loud on my boyfriend's Harley motorcycle right before we said goodbye to our close friend that passed away at a young age a few weeks ago. I will always remember Rich Fjord, his laughter was contagious."



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