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model monday

Constance (no relation to Jacquelyn) is the French golden girl – all honeyed hair and creamy complexion – with aqua eyes that are a bolt from the blue. She wanted to be a tennis pro, but instead of travelling the world for tournaments, she’s globetrotting for Gucci shoots, opening Céline shows and getting a #11 world ranking on Models.com (plus, she gets her tennis fix at Flushing Meadow for the US Open). Signed to DNA, Constance has high fashion credentials, but she's also commercial dynamite as an Estée Lauder bombshell and a Victoria Secret's secret weapon. She jumps rope, takes bubble baths after a long day’s shopping and can regularly be spotted on yachts in cobalt seas. New York may be her official home, but really, “home is a plane.” True jet set.

How were you discovered?
My brother sent my pictures to a local agency in my hometown in the north of France.
What would you be doing if you weren’t modelling?
I would be a plastic surgeon!
What do you do for fun?
I do a lot of sport; tennis, pilates, volleyball... I also love movies and Broadway shows, I go to the theatre a lot!
How did you feel when you became the face of Estée Lauder?
I couldn't believe it! I was so honoured and so thankful, destiny can be so magical sometimes. But it took me a while to really realise the chance Estée Lauder had given me. I was young and everything happens so fast in this industry, I am more and more thankful everyday.
What’s been your career highlight to date?
My Estée Lauder contract.
Who are your best friends in the industry?
I have so many friends in this industry; not only models but photographers and stylists too... They are all similar to me, with real values, down to earth and of course a little crazy!
What’s the strangest thing you’ve read about yourself?
Once I read a biography of myself saying that I discovered I had a sister at the age of ten years old and that my dad died in a car accident two years ago... yeah, I know! Trust me, what a terrible and weird feeling to read that! First thing I did is to call my dad and check he was ok, haha! People love to make up stories... (FYI I just have one brother).
What was the last text you sent?
I just sent a text to Daria Strokous to ask her to meet me for lunch, but she isn’t done with her massage yet.
Are you in love?
What would your dream date be?
Anywhere outside, in a gorgeous place with magical views, on top of a building, on a boat... where there is absolutely no one around, with someone I could redo the whole world with! Someone like a younger version of Javier Bardem, haha!
What was the last film that made you laugh?
I just watched this French movie on the plane yesterday called Populaire, the character of Rose was quite cute and she made me laugh.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Ask me in five years from now, life is so unpredictable!


Tuesday's Tops

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3. Gypsy Kings, Bamboleo

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2. The Do, On my shoulders

"This track reminds me of great nights with my best girlfriends when we were younger..."

1. MS MR, Hurricane

"MS MR's Candy Bar Creep Show is my album to listen to over and over this month, I love them."


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