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      news Wendy Syfret 18 April 2017

      lorde dropped three new songs over the weekend

      Listen to Sober, Homemade Dynamite and title track Melodrama from her forthcoming album, tracking one epic night out.

      Despite having Coachella the next day, Lorde chose a considerably more intimate show the night before to debut two new tracks. Playing to 244 people in Pioneertown, California on Saturday, the musician debuted Sober and Melodrama — the title track from her upcoming album due out 16 June. She kept the reveals coming the next day, during her first major show in over two years, throwing Homemade Dynamite into the mix during her Coachella set.

      All the tracks continued in the pop focused direction of Greenlight and Liability. Played together, the songs form an account of one night out, from the point of view of several twenty-somethings. Speaking to the festival crowd, with her perfectly untouched Kiwi accent, she explained: "I was struck by all of the facets of an evening, whether it's the moment when you're with all your friends and it's sick! Everyone's there, even that person who usually leaves. They're still there. Maybe the drugs are just kicking in, I dunno. And then half an hour later you could be in the bathroom like, 'Oh my God! I look like a crime scene!'" It was the dichotomy of those two things that she's interested in.

      While all tracks were well received, Homemade Dynamite has attracted particular buzz, quickly being compared to her breakthrough hit Royals. Listen to all the new track below, hopefully they'll be enough to keep you sated 'til June.


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