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      news Matthew Whitehouse 1 April 2016

      call the fashion polizei: it's ​vetements vs vetememes

      Demna has his say on the parody raincoat.

      Incendiary fashion upstarts Vetements have, of course, appropriated brand logos from Champion to DHL in their collections, but when a parody of the brand's extraordinarily popular Polizei-style raincoat blew up online this week, many were quick to sound the lawsuit klaxon. Unnecessarily, it seems, as the hooded coats, bearing the slogan "Vetememes," have received, if not the nod of approval, at least the nod of acceptance from the label's head honcho Demna Gvasalia.

      "Vetements will not be filing any lawsuits over the Vetememes raincoat and hope that he has enjoyed making his project as much as we do making our clothes," the designer told the New York Times. And while that's pretty handy for their creator, 22-year-old Brooklynite Davil Tran, it's also demonstrative of a brand determined to do things differently. There's simply no need to be meme.


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