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      music Frankie Dunn 21 April 2017

      bill murray is releasing an album

      This reminder of the best times he sung on camera will tide you over as you count down the months until then.

      bill murray is releasing an album bill murray is releasing an album bill murray is releasing an album

      Today's music just not doing it for you? This'll cheer you up. Bill Fucking Murray, it was reported in The New York Times, is working on an album of covers and literary readings over classical music. Entitled New Worlds, the music is led by Bill's mate, the cellist Jan Vogler and will feature Bill singing Moon River as well as various songs from West Side Story, and reading passages from Hemingway and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

      The project will premiere at Festival Napa Valley in July, followed by a US tour later in the year. "When they start playing," Bill said of his band, "the demand is so great that if you are attending to who you are right now, it brings out something that you couldn't have visualised or planned for."

      BM fans will know that he's no stranger to singing. In fact, literally any opportunity and he's in front of a camera, headphones on or mic in hand, giving it his best. So, while you wait for New Worlds, enjoy these nice videos of Bill Murray singing.

      In 2014's St. Vincent, Bill's character Vincent waters his dead plant and sings along to Dylan's Shelter From the Storm as it plays on his Walkman right before the end credits roll. "What if you just went out to the backyard and sang a song?" director Ted Melfi is said to have suggested.

      In the Sofia Coppola-directed Netflix treat A Very Murray Christmas (full of Bill Murray singing) he was joined by Miley for a jolly old Sleighride duet.

      Another Sofia Coppola collab here with a scene from Lost in Translation. At a karaoke party in Tokyo, Bob somehow impresses Charlotte with his okay job at Roxy Music's More Than This.

      You saw the new Jungle Book, right? Bill Murray voiced Baloo, in what was probably the role he was born for. Here, he and young Mowgli actor Neel Sethi sing The Bare Necessities on Jimmy Kimmel.

      That time Bill spat all over the mic at a baseball game, much to the delight of sports fans.

      Ending on a classic with Bill's early SNL Nick the Lounge Singer sketch. He's Nick Winters and he's here to entertain you. So sit back, have a hot buttered rum and let it happen, as Bill sings the theme to Star Wars.


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