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      news Charlotte Gush 22 February 2017

      ​arca announces ‘emotionally violent’ new album, releases first track piel

      The London-based Venezuelan artist reveals details of his third studio album, including the Jesse Kanda album artwork, and announces his biggest headline show to date, at the Roundhouse in April.

      Arca has announced the release date, track list and cover art for his third studio album, eponymously titled Arca, out 7 April 2017. His first release on XL Recordings, the record follows 2014's Xen and 2015's Mutant.

      "Here's my voice and all my guts: feel free to judge it. It's like a bullfight: you're watching emotional violence for pleasure. So this is a character who, almost as a mockery of the transaction, goes uncomfortably deep, into self-mutilation. 'You want gore? Here's gore'," Arca says in a statement about the album.

      The album announcement coincides with the release of first track Piel (Spanish for 'Skin'), on which Arca debuts his singing voice in a beautiful, haunting, somewhat ecclesiastical vocal over a mic-feedback style melody and doomy, atmospheric synths.

      Long-time collaborator Jesse Kanda provides the album artwork, seen in the Piel video above. A super close-up of Arca's face is manipulated in Kanda's unnerving signature hyperreal style with bruised eyes, black-green glassy pupils, sallow skin, black teeth and sharpened areas of pores and hair follicles.

      A previously announced album title, Reverie, appears on the current track list, which you can check out below in full, with some unofficial English translations of the Spanish that we made using Google translate.

      Arca's biggest headline show to date has been announced for three weeks after the album release, on 28 April at London's Roundhouse. Tickets go on sale this Friday 24 February.

      Arca track list:

      1. Piel [Skin]
      2. Anoche [Last Night]
      3. Saunter
      4. Urchin
      5. Reverie
      6. Castration
      7. Sin Rumbo [Without Rumbo]
      8. Coraje [Courage]
      9. Whip
      10. Desafío [Challenge]
      11. Fugaces [Fleeting]
      12. Miel [Honey]
      13. Child

      Read: A bruised and bloodied Arca stars in the Kanda-directed video for Sin Rumbo


      Text Charlotte Gush
      Photography Daniel Shea courtesy XL Recordings

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