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      news Isabelle Hellyer 18 May 2017

      stormzy quietly paid £9,000 to send a fan to harvard

      The studious fan? The impressive Fiona Asiedu, who's already an Oxford university graduate.

      This week, Stormzy quietly made a massive donation to a fan's Harvard tuition crowd-funding campaign. Fiona Asiedu, a Oxford university graduate hoping to study her master's degree at Harvard, created the campaign to help cover the Ivy league's hefty fees. When her friends Tweeted the link at Stormzy, in the hopes he would share the campaign, he went a step further. Under his legal name, Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Junior, the i-D cover star pledged £9,000 to the campaign.

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      Thanks to Stormzy's donation — which he later made anonymous — Fiona reached her entire £12,000 in under 24 hours. The South London student will begin her Masters in human development and psychology in August, Tweeting her gratitude to the rapper, "BLINDED. BY. HIS. GRACE." Stormzy's might just be the nicest guy in grime.


      Photography Oliver Hadlee Pearch

      Styling Max Clark

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